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UVC in the Food Industry

An example of the use of UVC in the food manufacturing sector. This method eliminates the use of harmful chemicals.

Food decontamination solutions are effective in reducing mold and bacterial contamination in food production and storage facilities, enhancing product quality and extending shelf life.

The introduction of UV-C decontamination tunnels has allowed a broad range of food manufacturers from bakeries to fruit processors to enjoy benefits including:

  • Extended product shelf life

  • Reduced spoilage and wastage

  • Improved product quality & reduced cross contamination

  • Reduced customer complaints

  • Improved production and logistical efficiencies

  • Products retain weight, freshness and colour for longer

  • Reduction in use of chemicals, heat treatment, additives and preservatives

Simple effects of UVC light in food production sector. Germs & bacteria eliminated will extend the shelf life of the product without the use of harmful chemicals.

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