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Get to Know Us
and Our Philosophy

Maintenance and Repair


Where, How & Why?

We are a company based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Started by three entrepreneurs and based on technological passion we grew to provide personalized services for clients. We took their worries and made it our passion. And thats I.T support.

We provide services based on what our clients need. Along the years of servicing our clients, we started studying their workstation usage habits and how they utilize their workstations. We used that study to tailormade every workstation according to their needs and more. Our clients were worried about software viruses, hardware crashes and network issues. We used that worries and made it our study to provide greater and better solutions.


Service, Support, Satisfaction

We build customized workstations for designers, animators, music producers, accountants, engineers, office staff, and server. For ever category such as designers, we have our own in-house designer that feedback on our very own custom builds to provide detailed performance specs that we then can build for our clients to ensure their every need is fulfilled.

Working on Computer
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