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Engineering & A.I


Blazing results.

Our systems allow for faster workflows in manipulating large data sets in shorter turnarounds to reach your goals, moving your business forward. Get tomorrow's advantage today with a Monster Data deep learning workstation and have the processing power to manage cognitive technology and demanding analysis development.

Industry partnerships.

We've partnered with industry leaders including Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA to ensure the components in our machine learning workstations perform above standards, even during demanding development and deployment of AI workloads. With superior testing methods and innovative design, our computers work seamlessly with independent software vendors (ISVs).


10+ years of experience.

We bring our expertise of over a decade and knowledge of proven processes to build some of the most powerful deep learning workstations on the market. With the latest technologies from our hardware partners, Monster Data delivers the ultimate solution for the most comprehensive visualization and to up-to-the-minute analytics for data scientists.

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