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Cyber Security

Cyber Resiliency

for Your Business


Course Summary

Today, organizations face a myriad of cyber threats, and yours is no exception. The potential for hackers to cause significant disruptions is vast, necessitating a response that involves you. This course is indispensable in addressing these challenges. Beyond just acknowledging the issue, " Cyber Resiliency for your Business " is a comprehensive four-day program designed to impart knowledge on managing cyber disruptions within a business continuity framework.

Through this course, you'll comprehend how business continuity and cybersecurity intertwine in every organization, leveraging the five facets of cyber resilience: prepare/identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. These principles, along with resulting action plans, aid in devising a strategy to effectively counter unforeseen events, facilitating the swift restoration of your organization's operations.

The integration of these traditionally distinct functions is pivotal. This course empowers you to bridge this gap within your organization, fostering seamless collaboration in identifying and responding to attacks or breaches. This collaboration not only minimizes costs and safeguards the organization's reputation but also positions you professionally by equipping you with the latest information and skills in the field.

Who will benefit from this course?
IT Professionals, Chief Information Security Officers, Business Owners, Compliance Officers

Course Summary

Fundamentals of Cyber Resilience and Risk Management

Learning from other breaches in the world

Social Engineering and Human Error

Business Continuity

Incident Response Management

Disaster Recovery

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