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Cyber Security

Principles in
Cloud Computing & Security


Course Summary

This course delivers a comprehensive overview of essential cyber security domains, covering key areas including data protection, network and infrastructure security, cloud security, Operational Technology security, application security, Cyber Resilience, business continuity, Governance (encompassing policy, framework, and standards), and Supply Chain security, among others. It emphasizes fundamental aspects such as safeguarding data, securing networks and infrastructure, protecting cloud systems, ensuring Operational Technology security, fortifying application security, prioritizing Cyber Resilience and business continuity, establishing Governance through policies, frameworks, and standards, and addressing Supply Chain security, among other pertinent considerations.

Who will benefit from this course?
Management team, directors, CEO and other “C”-level executives, business line managers, non- cyber IT managers and staff. This course is meant to give non-cyber staff andexecutives a comprehensive yet succinct initial appreciation of cyber security.

Course Summary

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Security

Cloud Security Governance

CCSP Domains

CCSK Domains
Container Security

Introduction to Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity In Other Domains
Some Common Attack Methods
Some Personal Cyber Safety Tips
Data Protection
Cloud Security
Cyber Resilience & Incident Response
Governance Frameworks & Standards

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