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Cyber Security

Fundamentals of Malaysian
Personal Data Protection


Course Summary

This course offers a thorough exploration of the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) standard syllabus and evaluation. Participants will delve into the key facets of the PDPA, including a comprehensive overview of its provisions enacted in 2012. They will gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer and acquire the skills necessary to develop an organizational data inventory map, pinpointing potential areas of non-compliance.

Additionally, the course addresses strategies for effectively resolving disputes related to data protection and implementing robust training and communication strategies aimed at ensuring compliance with data protection measures throughout the organization. Moreover, participants will learn how to efficiently manage incidents of data breaches and formulate effective communication strategies while overseeing management reporting on data protection matters.

Who will benefit from this course?

Compliance Managers or Data Protection Officers (DPOs), along with Human Resource, Administrative, IT personnel, Sales, and Business Development Executives/Managers, who are integral to data protection affairs, would greatly benefit from this PDPA course. Essentially, anyone involved in collecting, managing, or processing personal data can gain invaluable insights. 

Course Summary

Introduction to Personal Data Protection Act (Malaysia)

Role of Data Protection Officer

PDPA Requirement for Organizations

PDPA Culture for Organizations

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