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AMD Greater Heights in 2020

Updated: May 3, 2020

We at Thexacomp Solutions have been working on AMD workstations from the Sempron days right up till today, the Ryzen & Threadripper platform. AMD has always been surprising us with new technology aimed at high performance computing at reasonable prices.

Watch AMD at CES 2020 launching their amazing lineup & collaboration with some of the best partners in the world!

AMD launched the insanely powerful new Ryzen 3990x 64 core Threadrippers today, and we are honored that AMD trusted us with the very first ones to leave the factory Jarred Land, RED President

The partnership between RED & AMD sparked a different trend in the production computing sector. RED 8K files are both CPU & GPU intensive.

"According to RED, this new ultra core CPU makes 8K REDCODE RAW editing effortlessness. RED President Jarred Land says that one of the problems of REDCODE RAW is that this efficient codec is also CPU intensive. However, RED tested the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X and found it valid for playback 8K in real-time. Jarred said that they couldn’t do that on the CPU until the 64 Threadripper came out."

DSMC2 BRAIN in picture

Editing 8K real-time is slightly overkill don't you think? No one will complain if there is much power the go around. Endless possibilities when it comes to quality production. Nevertheless, it's great to see amazing partners collaborate to produce amazing products. Can't wait to see what Intel has installed for us in 2020.

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