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Broadcast Equipment

Ranging from editing equipment to broadcast power solutions. We have everything! Contact us for purchase.

Monster Data

Edit on flash & store on hard disk all in one data storage. Capable of RAID & up to 40Gbps network connection speeds.


Anton Bauer

Reliable power for broadcast camera of any kind. Made perfect for the road and rough use even in the harshest environments.


Blackmagic design

From switching to cameras, we have utilized the Blackmagic brand for many of our projects. The only thing we can say is, "They exceed expectations".


HP Workstation

Ranging from Quadro 1000 to the highest end RTX Quadro series, each workstation is customized to commercial broadcast standards reliable for 24/7 operations.



Broadcast accuracy at its best. Like a surgeon with his surgery tools, the Tektronix can ensure precise tuning & color accuracy for every recording session.



We have been using AJA since 2009 for multiple projects. From playback SATA players to 4K video recorders. True broadcast standard and reliable for filming on the go.

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